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Translating Bed Sizes

What a crazy world we sleep in!

Most modern manufacturers have come to agree on certain guidelines and principles in the design and sizing of beds and mattresses. However, there is always that international barrier to overcome when it comes to sizing. Manufacturers in the United States, Australia, the UK/Ireland and Europe all seem to have different sizes when it comes to mattresses. I'm sure it makes it difficult when our friends from across the pond travel or take up residence in the United States only to find our bedding and sheets are quite unfamiliar. In this article we'll examine the many variations of bed sizes and offer this article up as a guide to help our overseas friends figure out and translate our sizes into theirs.

Twin or Single Bed

United States (Twin)
Australia (Twin)
UK / Ireland (Twin)
39 x 75 in.
36 x 75 in.
36 x 75 in.
35 x 79 in.
97 x 191 cm
91 x 191 cm
91 x 191 cm
90 x 200 cm

Twin or Single size as it is commonly referred to seems to be a pretty standard size in the bedding industry world wide. You'll find that the American twin size mattress is only 6 cm wider than an Australian twin or a UK/ Ireland twin bed. It's 7 cm wider than a European twin mattress. The standard American twin bed is the same length as an Australian or UK / Ireland beds. However these beds are shorter than the European twin bed by 9 cm.

Double or Full Bed

United States (Double)
Australia (Double)
UK / Ireland (Double)
54 x 75 in.
54 x 75 in.
54 x 75 in.
55 x 79 in.
137 x 191 cm
137 x 191 cm
137 x 191 cm
140 x 200 cm

Double or Full size beds as they are often refereed to. If the United States, Australia, UK and Ireland can agree on one thing, it would be that our double and full size beds are definitely the same. European full beds are 3 cm wider and 9 cm longer than American full size beds.
Queen or (UK/Ireland King)
United States (Queen)
Australia (Queen)
UK / Ireland (King)
60 x 80 in.
60 x 80 in.
60 x 78 in.
63 x 79 in.
152 x 203 cm
152 x 203 cm
152 x 198 cm
160 x 200 cm

Queen size beds as they are refereed to in the United States share the same size with Australian queen size mattresses. The UK / Ireland mattress close in this size is actually refereed to as a King size there. Europe does not have a designation for this size and would most likely be refereed to as a 160 cm wide mattress. The UK /Ireland King bed is shorter by 4 cm than the Australian and American queen size bed. European beds are wider than American beds in this size by 8 cm but slightly shorter by 1 cm.
King or (UK/Ireland Super King)
United States (King)
Australia (King)
UK / Ireland (Super King)
76 x 80 in.
72 x 80 in.
72 x 78 in.
71 x 79 in.
193 x 203 cm
183 x 203 cm
183 x 198 cm
180 x 200 cm

King size beds as they are called in the United States are favorably similar to other bed sizes around the world. The UK / Ireland and Australian sizes are 10 cm less wide. The European size is 13 cm less wide. United States king mattresses and Australian mattresses are the same length. The UK / Ireland Super King is only 5 cm shorter and the European bed is 3 cm shorter than a standard United States king mattress. Overall these mattresses are all very close in size.
Bedding industries whether they be North American or in Europe always offer some sizes that are not considered standard by many. However there is a market for these mattresses and that is the reason they stick around. Below are some of these sizes and how they stack up against different beds and mattresses.
Other Sizes - United States
United States (Twin XL)
United States (Full XL)
United States (Cal King)
39 x 80 in.
54 x 80 in.
72 x 84 in.
97 x 203 cm
137 x 203 cm
183 x 213 cm

Twin extra long or Twin XL beds are basically a longer single bed in the United States. Australia has a bed close in size to this refereed to as a Single Extra Long which is the same length but 5 cm less wide. The American full extra long or Full XL beds are very close in size to the New Zealand long double bed which is the same length wise but 2 cm less wide. The California king mattress is actually a size from the old waterbed industry that has declined since the 1990's. However there were many bedroom sets made to this size and people still purchase replacement innerspring or memory foam mattresses for these beds. There are also new products being sold in this size which has given it a new life in the bed industry.
Other Sizes - UK (United Kingdom)
UK (Small Single)
UK (Super Single)
UK (Small Double)
30 x 75 in.
42 x 75 in.
48 x 78 in.
76.2 x 190.5 cm
106.68 x 190.5 cm
121.92 x 198.12 cm

The United States doesn't really have any small single beds. The closest here would be considered an army size cot. The UK Super Single bed however is very close in size to the American twin size bed and is 9 cm wider than that bed. The UK small double bed is comparable to the United States full extra long bed. Dimensionally it is a little smaller but would be the closest size to the American full xl bed.
Other Sizes - European
Europe (Extra Small Single)
Europe (Small Single)
Europe (Large Single)
30 x 79 in.
31 x 79 in.
39 x 79 in.
76.2 x 200 cm
80 x 200 cm
100 x 200 cm

For United States readers, modern European standards for referring to a bed are done by its dimensions rather than by a name. For example you would say a mattress 80 cm x 200 cm or .8 m x 2 m rather than saying a small single mattress. Unfortunately the United States does not offer sizes of beds in these widths through the mainstream bedding industry. The large single or the 100 x 200 cm mattress is very close dimensionally to the United States twin extra long mattress. That would be the closest comparable bed or mattress to this size and would be a good fit.
Request For Additional Bed Conversion Information:
If you are an overseas retailer or manufacturer that is considered an authority about your country's bedding products, I would welcome you to share with us a link customers can follow to your website or a page containing conversion information. We welcome additional information about your standard mattresses as compared to the sizes made in the United States. This information would be helpful for both Americans traveling or living abroad or individuals traveling or planning on visiting the United States. This document is copyright the property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form. Used with permission for © Copyright Phil Pendleton 2007-2013