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Platform Bed Photo Assembly Instructions

The bed we are going to assemble is the Pecos Full Size Bed in Oak.

We first start by laying out our main components. 2 long headboard legs, 2 short footboard legs, 2 crosspieces (with 2 holes), 1 upper crosspiece (no holes), 2 side rails with ledges, 1 center support rail & 1 strapped roll of slats.
Now we can lay out the hardware that came with the bed. The hardware we need is 4 - 5/8" shoulder screws, 2 - 1 1/4" wood screws and 4 - 5/16" x 1" wooden dowel pins. Tools we will need are a phillips screwdriver, rubber mallet and optional: one friend.
There are 4 - 5/8" shoulder screws in our hardware bag. Go ahead and with your phillips screwdriver screw these into the predrilled holed in our 2 crosspieces (with 2 holes).
To assemble the footboard we need 1 crosspiece that has 2 screws mounted to it and the 2 short footboard legs. The footboard legs have premounted screws on 2 sides of the leg. An upper set that connects to the side rails and a lower set for the crosspiece.
To assemble the headboard we need the 2 long headboard legs, 1 crosspiece that has 2 screws mounted to it and 1 crosspiece (without screws). Our headboard legs have 3 sets of screws pre-installed. 2 sets of these screws are mounted on the same side these are for our crosspieces. The lower of these get the crosspiece with screws the upper set gets the crosspiece without screws.
Look at the ends of the crosspieces, you will see steel brackets installed on both ends. The brackets slide down on the screws that are attached to our legs and are secured down using the rubber mallet by tapping down until tight. Go ahead and attach all of our crosspieces to the proper screws on the legs.
We should now have an assembled headboard and footboard in front of us. If done correctly they should look like the example to the left. Remember all exposed screws should be facing out the same direction.
Now we are ready to attach side rails to our headboard and footboard. Go ahead and lay out the 2 side rails with ledges and the 1 center support rail. Have your rubber mallet ready.
First line up the ends of the side rails so that they are just resting on the screws premounted to the headboard legs. The ledges of the side rails should be facing in towards each other as shown in the image to the left with the ledge closer to the ground. Do the same with the center support . Now repeat these steps at the footboard.
Now take the 4 - 5/16" x 1" wooden dowel pins. In the ledge of our side rails there are holes that are drilled close to the headboard and footboard. Go ahead and insert the wooden dowel pins into these hole.
Take the strapped roll of slats and place it onto the frame. Pull the slats tight around the wood dowells that are on the side rails.
Take the 2 - 1 1/4" wood screws from our hardware bag and connect these through into the center slat on the left and right side through the pre-drilled holes..
We have in front of us now a fully assembled Pecos Full Size Platform Bed in Oak ready for use. Go ahead and place your mattress on the frame and enjoy your new bed.