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Mission Lounge Daybed - Cot Size
Mission Daybed - Cot Size

Mission Lounge Daybed - Cot Size

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Part Number:Nomad-Mission-Cot-Day
Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer: Nomad Furniture
  • USA Made:Made in Farr West, Utah USA.

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3. Choose Slat Foundation
4. Select Siderails & Footboard
5. Choose Delivery Time
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Dimensions & Height

Outside Dimensions: Width-34 1/2 in. Length-78 1/2 in. Headboards-28 in. (Both Ends)

Made for a Cot Mattress (30x75)

Standard - Floor to the top of the bed slats is 12 in. / Floor to bottom of the side rail is 10 in. / Floor to bottom of center rail is 7.5"
The Mission Lounge DayBed: Cot Size
Based on a traditional arts & crafts design the Mission platform bed features smooth slats across the headboards. Made available in solid wood in your choice of wood and finish options.

Manufacturer: Nomad Furniture
Country of Origin: United States
Materials: Oak or Maple with Danish Oil or Tried & True All-Natural Oil Finish
Product Manufactured In: Farr West, UT USA

Nomad Wood and Finish
1. Wood & Finishes (Explained)
Nomad Furniture is available in two American woods. Oak which has a very defined, strong grain pattern will be very visible on your rails and cross pieces. Hard rock maple species of wood has very little grain and is offered as an upgrade. Maple does not take dark stains well so only a very light oil finish is offered. To many this may still appear unfinished due to the very light oil used so please note this when selecting maple wood with oil finish.

Watco® Danish Oil is the proven and reliable oil finish brand used on all Nomad platform beds and tables selected with the Danish Oil option. It has been the preferred finish for more than 30 years and has been and continues to be the most popular choice of both experienced woodworkers and novices alike. It is a safe, non-toxic odor free oil finish that penetrates deep into wood pores and gives the wood a rich warm glow as well as protection.

Tried & True® All-Natural Oil is a linseed oil based finish that is derived from seeds that come from the flax plant. It is 100% biodegradable and chemical free. This natural oil finish is the preferred finish for those seeking an alternative to more traditional finishes. This type of oil finish dries slow, smoothly and shrinks little upon hardening which makes it the perfect finishing product for almost any type of furniture.

Nomad Furniture products do not use any lacquers or sealants over the oil finish. For a truly all natural appearance you can order any Nomad piece unfinished so individual can stain or paint it themselves.

Nomad Gap Options
2. Choose Bed Options (Explained)
This bed is designed for use with a mattress only up to 9 in. thick. However it can be modified to work with thicker specific mattress heights. Below are various options you can use to modify this bed for use with your thicker mattress or mattress/boxspring set.

Standard Bed: Made for a 7-9 in. mattress. (Headboard 35" height)
3" Bigger Gap : If using a 10-12 in. mattress. (Headboard 38" height)
3" Higher Bed : Increases height beneath bed by 3 in. (Headboard 38" height)

Nomad Slat Options
3. Slat Options (Explained)
Nomad Furniture offers unfinished hardwood poplar slats that are 2" wide slats with 3" spacing with each bed. If your mattress requires specific foundation support you can select from several options that allow you to add more slats and reduce the spacing between the slats. The options below were added to help meet the warranty requirements of specific mattress manufacturers.

(3" Spacing) Poplar Hardwood Slats (Standard) - 2" wide slats with 3" spacing
(1 5/8" Spacing) Poplar Hardwood Slats (Premium) - 2" wide slats with 1 5/8" spacing.

Nomad Rail Options4. Siderails & Footboard (Explained)
Nomad Furniture offers their beds with either a standard siderail and footboard configuration or a premium upgrade option. Both are explained below.

3 1/4" Siderails & Footboard (Standard)

All of our Nomad Furniture beds feature 3 1/4" thick siderails and footboard crosspiece. In this standard configuration you can see that the rails will sit at a higher height with the footboard crosspiece configured lower allowing for the center support rail to be supported at the correct height.

5 3/4" Siderails & Footboard (Premium Option)
This new premium option for Nomad Furniture beds allows you to select thicker 5 3/4" siderails and footboard crosspiece. This premium configuration provides a clean uniform look around the bed and increases the weight bearing capability for the frame for individuals looking for additional strength and rigidity.

5. Choose Delivery Time (Explained)
Nomad Rush OptionsNomad Furniture platform beds are made to order in Farr West, UT USA. In addition to the regular lead time rush options are also available if you're needing your bed sooner. Production options explained below. Add 3-5 days FedEx/UPS transit time to the production times below for delivery.

Standard Lead Time: Leaves plant in 4 weeks
Rush - Leaves plant within 2 weeks ($49 fee)
Double Rush - Leaves plant within 5 business days ($99 fee)

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