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Amisco Shopping Review

About Amisco:
Amisco is a Canadian manufacturer of dining room, bar and bedroom furniture. Their modern facility is located in L'Islet Quebec. Amisco started out as School Furniture Ltd. in 1954. In 1978 looking forward to diversity they expanded into tubular steel products such as home furnishings and changed their name to Amisco Industries Ltd. In 1994 Amisco decided to retire their school furniture production and focus entirely on home furnishings. Amisco currently offers over 300 unique products ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Shopping Review:

Features & Options

(Better) Better than average color or finish choices. Bed may also have additional features.
Height adjustable platform system is built into all Amisco beds imported in by This higher end model of construction means that a consumer can setup the bed for a mattress/boxspring, a thick mattress or a standard mattress. This flexibility provides an additional feature that most platform beds don't offer. "Not to be confused" with the less expensive models Amisco provides that don't have this built in feature which are built for standard mattress/boxsprings only. Finish options include 10 different colors. The finish is a powder coat that is electrostatically charged to the metal ensuring a better bond and makes it more resistant to dings and scratches from normal use. Many metal beds in the marketplace are usually only available in one finish and are brought in from overseas. Having ten different color options makes it much easier to matching other furniture and colors in your home. Amisco uses steel crossbars on the foundation of each bed. The crossbars connect into nylon components that attach to the rails and are secured with a steel screw on each piece. Over the top of these steel crossbars install individual mdf paneling. This creates a solid foundation that accommodates most mattresses including latex and memory foam brands. Amisco platform beds carry a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Construction Quality
(Better) Satisfying bed built from quality materials and is well constructed.
NOTES: Made from quality North American cold rolled steel. Amisco has been manufacturing furniture since 1954 when they were making school furniture under the name School Furniture Ltd. The company would eventually move into home furnishings and currently manufacture accent chairs, bars, dining room sets and bedroom furnishings. With such a deep history Amisco has proven itself as a quality manufacturer who continues to reinvent new styles and designs while keeping the construction of products the same. Something many companies often find difficult to do well over time. This makes Amisco brand beds an exceptional value compared to higher priced, inferior brands which aren't nearly the quality available with these beds.

(Best) Excellent. Well packaged. Very few if any issues ever with this product in shipping.
NOTES: Amisco beds are packaged in multiple boxes. Headboards and footboards are banded together in one box. The rails, support system and panels are packaged in the second box. Once arrived into the United States, our warehouse adds additional packaging to the corners of the larger boxes. This has ensured safe handling and delivery of these beds rather than attempting to ship them back out without reinforcement which so many other stores try to do without success. We have been packaging our Amisco beds this way since 1998 and continue to not have any issues with these products in transit.

(Better) Easier. Most will find this more time consuming than difficult.
NOTES: The beginning assembly is straight forward with Amisco beds. Choose the height setting you want the bed at. Connect the rails at the height desired with the provided bolts. Once the outer frame is assembled the only time consuming part of assembly is setting up the steel crossbars and mdf panels. Nylon fittings are attached to the side rails and then paneling is placed over the top. While pretty simple it does take time to do this process. Most people will have no issues in setting up this bed. Basic to moderate assembly skills would be required for the final assembly steps.

Important Ordering Note:
Amisco orders that are in production and canceled are assessed a 25% restocking fee. These products are made out of the country and our company incurs fees related to duty taxes, brokerage fees and other costs associated in bringing these products into the United States. Canceled orders must be warehoused at our company's expense which is also a reason we process a restocking fee on orders customers no longer want.