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Swing Twin XL Extra Long Wood Platform Bed
Oak - Linseed Oil (Optional Selection)
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Swing Twin XL Extra Long Wood Platform Bed

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Additional Information Width-41 1/2 in. Length-83 1/2 in. Headboard-39 in. Floor to the top of the bed slats is 12 in.
Made for a Twin XL Mattress (Maximum width & length) 39 in. x 81 in.

The Swing wood platform bed Mixes old world charm with a classic wood look. The gently curved arch of the doweled headboard gives this design a clean look while complimenting most bedroom decor. Available in genuine solid wood American Red Oak and White Hard Maple. Each bed has an easy to care for natural linseed oil finish. Linseed oil is environmentally friendly and the natural oil is extracted from dried flax seeds. These real wood beds come with standard softwood slats but are also available with optional hardwood slats. Solid wood beds made from real wood like this bed are becoming harder to find. There are also many options you can choose to customize your bed which make the Swing wood bed the perfect choice for any bedroom. 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Made in the USA.

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Products on our website are offered with "Free Shipping" anywhere within the 48 continental United States. This means "the price you see is the price you pay" all across our website. Remember pricing will be affected as you add options into your order that you'd like to include but adding those options are totally up to you. PlatformBeds.com collects sales tax for the following states only (Iowa & Illinois). No additional charges are added when you checkout.

Delivery Information:

Dapwood wood platform beds are made to order because of all the various options available. The "Standard" lead time for beds leaving the plant is around 3 weeks. There are several in-plant rush options you can choose however if you need your bed built faster. You can choose "Expedited" ($29 fee) and your bed will leave the plant within 2 weeks. Or you can choose "Express " ($59 fee) and your bed will leave the plant within 5 business days from when the order is processed. Express and Expedited fees are per bed or wood item. Once your bed leaves the manufacturing plant please allow 3-5 days for delivery. Beds are shipped via FedEx or UPS and tracking number(s) are provided upon shipping.

Assembly Instructions:
You Tube Platform Bed Assembly Instructions:
This instructional assembly video will show you how to build a Dapwood bed in real time. This will help you to see the connection points for each part and how simple the bed goes together out of the box. Popup captions help to illustrate each step of assembly and describe the steps in greater detail. You'll see in the real time video titled "Platform Bed Assembly Samba" the bed assembled and ready for use in 11 minutes. You can view this video by clicking on the image to the left.
These instructions provide animation which will show you step by step visually how simply pieces connect and go together for this brand of bed.
These instructions are in black and white text and image form and are the instructions included with these beds. Includes parts listings for these wood beds.
These instructions provide color photos that show you step by step how wood beds from this manufacturer are typically assembled.

Specifications: Bed Options

Your standard bed is made to accommodate a 6" to 9" thick mattresses. If your mattress exceeds 9" you may need to upgrade into one of the following options below. Please note that the options will adjust the height of your legs. If going into a spot with limited space, please keep this in mind. Dimensions are shown below. Or If you need your bed to have more space underneath or if you need to use a mattress-boxspring combo on your bed frame you can select from those options below. Please note you can only use one of these options at a time per bed.
Options to raise the height of the headboard to accommodate thicker mattresses.
Bed Leg Options: Mattress Size Headboard Height Footboard Height Slat Height
Standard Bed Leg 9 in. to 11 in. 39 in. Height 13 3/4 in. Height 12 in. floor to top
3 in. Bigger Gap (+3BG) 12 in. to 14 in. 42 in. Height 13 3/4 in. Height 12 in. floor to top
6 in. Bigger Gap (+3BG - 3P) 15 in. - Ab. 42 in. Height 10 3/4 in. Height 9 in. floor to top
Options that will raise the platform of the bed higher off the ground.
Bed Leg Options: Mattress Size Headboard Leg Slat Height
3 in. Higher Bed (+3P) 9 in. to 11 in. 42 in. Height 16 3/4 in. Height 15 in. floor to top
Options that will lower the platform of the bed closer to the ground.
Bed Leg Options: Mattress Size Headboard Leg Slat Height
3 in. Lower Bed (-3P) 9 in. to 11 in. 36 in. Height 10 3/4 in. Height 8 in. floor to top
Additional Options: Description
Higher Footboard Adds a 25 3/8 in. high (standard) matching footboard that is a lower version of the headboard. A $100 fee.


Hardwood Slats Hardwood slats are standard on all of our Dapwood platform beds. These slats are offered by the manufacturer as 2.5" wide and spaced out 3" apart. These slats are typically made from poplar hardwood and are great for beds that experience jumping children or adults who would like hardwood slats beneath their mattress rathar than softwoods like pine.
Hardwood Slats x 2 This option doubles up the number of slats on the bed so that there is .25" spacing between each slat. This is a great alternative to help meet the warranty requirements for most mattress brands which require a very little spacing between slats and offers a more solid foundation to be used with their mattress.

Option: Description
Center Support "Y" Legs This bed already includes a center support rail that runs parrallel with the side rails providing proper support. However some mattress brands require a center support leg or legs. This option adds a support leg to the bed to be fitted under the center support rail for those specific mattress manufacturers. Customers may choose where to place the leg or legs beneath their bed along the center support. We recommend start at the exact center of the bed and add legs as needed in either direction A $30 fee per leg.

Available Bed Slat Woods
Poplar Wood
Is a medium density hardwood with a medium steam-bending classification. Has excellent strength, is easy to machine, plane, glue and bore. Poplar wood dries very easily after being cut making it a very popular choice in woodworking. Poplar wood takes and holds paints and stains easily. It is a widely available wood which makes it affordable. The wood has a medium fine texture and is straight grained. Poplar is used in furniture, cabinets, doors, millwork and musical instruments.

Bed Frame Information:
Dapwood Products are Eco-Friendly:
Today's consumer is much more aware of our environment and the impact we can have on it by the choices we make both in our own lifestyles and in the way businesses and manufacturers use and reuse our natural resources. Dapwood who manufacturers these wood products is committed to helping preserve our environment for future generations by making products that have a minimal environmental impact and made well so that replacement products which use more resources won't be necessary. Every possible foot of board in both wood and bamboo is used and unused pieces are recycled by selling them to specialized home woodworkers rather than sending them onto landfills. A natural hand rubbed linseed oil finish is used on all of their products and after drying their products are safe, nontoxic and odor free. Both PlatformBeds.com & Dapwood are committed to moving towards positive green alternatives which will help benefit both our environment and our planet.

About Dapwood Furniture:

Dapwood - Wood FurnitureDapwood furniture is located in Albuquerque, NM USA and has been operating in production for over 20 years. The manufacturer designs and builds all of their products in the United States. Dapwood makes use of the highest quality materials such as oak, maple, cherry and walnut hardwoods in creating the finest in affordable solid wood furniture. While many companies have elected to use large scale machinery to produce furniture, Dapwood continues to use the human hands of their craftsmen to construct each product. They understand that while many believe this to be old fashioned, Dapwood believes a better product can be made every step of the way by skilled wood workers who take pride in producing the highest quality furniture. With this hands on approach, Dapwood also has greater flexibility in creating custom furniture. Utilizing many different options that allow the end-user to create a bed that is perfect for their needs. These products are made with the intent of being a more eco-friendly natural product by using solid woods, natural finish derived from plants and a commitment by Dapwood to get their "sustainable mindset" just right by finding and promoting sustainable alternatives whenever possible.

More Information About This Bed:

The Swing Wood Platform Bed features round wooden dowels in the headboard that create a traditional look. These dowel pieces measure 1/2" wide and 8" in height. These dowel pieces are situated between the top and middle headboard crosspieces of the Swing platform bed. Bed frame slats consist of slats banded together for proper spacing and includes 2.5" wide slats with 3" space between each slat. The legs of an Swing bed are 2"x2" wood posts. These beds are shipped in a long narrow box or multiple boxes depending on the options selected. A center support rail is used on all Twin, Full & Queen size beds. The curving nature of the top cross piece of the Swing bed make it very difficult to manufacturer this bed in King size so this bed is only available in Twin, Full & Queen sizes. Because these are solid wood beds they do not make use of center support legs. Legs can be ordered optionally if a specific manufacturer states these must be present and are required to meet the warranty requirements of their mattress. However they are not necessary for the structural integrity of these beds as they are utilizing premium hardwoods and materials.

Available Bed Woods
Oak Wood
Oak is a hard and heavy wood with medium bending strength and has a high crushing strength. A good wood for steam bending. High resistance to wear. Oak represents almost 37% of total American hardwoods commercially used. Cut oak dries very slowly. Oak does machine quite well and can be nailed and screwed although because of its hardness may require pre-boring due to the hardness of the wood. Can be stained in a wide range of finishes. The wood is primarily straight grained with a coarse texture. Oak is used in furniture, flooring, millwork, paneling and cabinets.
Maple Wood
Maple is a hard and heavy wood that offers good strength especially in its high resistance to abrasion and wear. Has good steam bending properties. Cut maple dries slowly with a high amount of shrinkage which leads to smaller yields of lumber per tree than the average tree. Pre-boring is recommended when nailing and screwing maple wood. Machines and turns well and can be stained. Maple has a close, fine, uniform texture and is generally straight-grained. Maple is used in furniture, flooring, ballroom and gymnasium floors, stairs, cabinets and doors.

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