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Black Round Platform Bed

Sure everybody can own one of those fancy rectangular shaped beds. How many people do you know though that own a really cool modern round bed? The Black Round Platform Bed brings an entirely different look to any bedroom. With it's circular design you no longer have to place your bed against walls or into corners to keep a crisp clean look to your bedroom. Now your bed can float in the middle of your bedroom and can be the centerpiece to a more modern, contemporary bedroom decor. The Round Bed includes built in swivel nightstands that have chrome posts and wenge round tops providing the perfect place for storage.

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Round Black Platform Bed - Queen Size
Round Black Platform Bed - Queen Size
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Round Black Platform Bed - King Size
Round Black Platform Bed - King Size
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Construction Quality
(Better) Satisfying bed built from quality materials and is well constructed.
NOTES: Round Beds are manufactured with solid wood and engineered wood used through the sides, foot and head of the bed. An upholstery fill is used between the wood and outer upholstery to soften up the surface. The PVC used for the outer upholstery is quality and easy to maintain and clean with nothing more than a damp wash cloth. If leather upholstery had been used these beds would easily be 2-3 thousand dollars more in price. A fair trade off to keep the price lower yet gives the bed an appearance of a leather look. A steel frame is used as the foundation of the bed. European beechwood slats are designed into the frame with nylon attachments. These slats have a slight bow upward and will accomodate most mattresses. This foundation is used in many other brands of wood beds that can be found at or above the price point of this bed.

(Better) Satisfactory. Additional packing materials may be inside boxes. Rides well to delivery.
NOTES: Round Beds come in 4-5 boxes. The upholstered pieces are wrapped in a thick outer covering bag to ensure that they do not become accidentally soiled in shipping. This covering will need to be removed when the bed is ready to be assembled. Additional packaging materials are found inside the boxes which do a good job of ensuring the beds ride well to their destination. Several customers have reported that a few of the outer boxes in thier shipment had rips or tears and that the outer covering bag had become soiled but that it protected the upholstery inside. This happened in shipping most likely due to the larger size of the packaging. Few if any reports of damage though were reported on these beds.

(Better) Easier. Most will find this more time consuming than difficult.
NOTES: These Modern Round Beds are pretty straight forward to assemble. The two sides (or rails) connect up to the footboard and headboard pieces with provided bolts. The bed foundation which consists of a steel frame with European beechwood slats (one frame for queens, two for kings) simply drops down into the bed and rests on ledges built into the side rails. The two side tables require light assembly and simply slide into holes in the two side rails. Most people won't find this difficult, just a bit time consuming to line the pieces up and connect them.

Features & Options
(Good) Several color options available. This bed may offer other additional features.
NOTES: Round Beds come in several colors which include black, white and crocodile. Sizes available include queen and king beds. The most important feature of these beds is that they are of course round. Few beds exist in the marketplace can boast that they are circular and this bed provides for a unique look that most people will never have or see. Most definitely a conversation piece. The two round tables included can be used or stored away. The manufacturer provides upholstery plugs that can be inserted into the holes where the tables mount should someone decide to not use the provided tables.